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Donor Webinar: Spotlight on EC4EC

As states ban and restrict abortion, the stakes for preventing pregnancy are higher than ever.  Young people are especially likely to find themselves in need of emergency contraception (EC), but they may not even know the drug exists. Retail stores may require ID, deny EC to younger customers, and refuse to sell it on over-the-counter shelves. High cost puts it out of reach for many. These delays can mean the difference between preventing pregnancy and becoming pregnant. In April 2023, Emergency Contraception for Every Campus (EC4EC) hosted a webinar to introduce four bold student activists who are leading efforts to expand access to EC on college campuses at this critical moment. Click here to watch the recording.

EC4EC is a grassroots initiative launched by the American Society for Emergency Contraception in 2019 to organize and build power among student activists. EC4EC provides students with crucial resources, mentoring, and community to empower them to advocate for EC vending machines, peer-to-peer distribution programs, and improved campus reproductive health services. 

EC4EC centers the leadership of young people in the fight for contraceptive access, focusing on the most high-need student populations. To date, EC4EC has worked with students and staff on 175+ campuses in 41 states. Since the Dobbs decision, interest in EC4EC has nearly quadrupled, and we are using the momentum of this moment to expand the reach and impact of the program. 


Learn more about efforts in these recent pieces from The Washington Post Magazine and NBC News.


Click here to watch the webinar.

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