About Us


The mission of the American Society for Emergency Contraception (ASEC) is to expand access to and information about emergency contraception in the United States.


To support ASEC’s work, click here to donate through our fiscal sponsor, Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants.

We carry out this mission out by:

  • Facilitating collaboration among partner organizations through our communications list of more than 1,200 members

  • Co-hosting the only dedicated annual meeting in the US focused on EC

  • Disseminating news, research and innovative service delivery concepts

  • Providing technical insight and expert review to attorneys fighting for reproductive justice, researchers at many institutions worldwide, programs developing materials around EC, and journalists writing about EC

Recent ASEC activities include:

  • Summarizing the evidence about whether body weight affects the efficacy of EC. Click here to read the statement. 

  • Conducting a nation-wide study of real-world access to EC in stores and pharmacies. Click here to read the report.

  • Conducting a nation-wide study of EC pricing. Click here to read the report.

  • Providing scientific guidance and endorsement on amicus briefs for legal cases in which religiously-based employers are fighting requirements to cover contraceptives, particularly EC, under the Affordable Care Act. Read the Physicians for Reproductive Health Supreme Court brief here.

  • Hosting 80 participants at our 2018 annual meeting (the EC Jamboree), which featured presentations from EC experts from around the world. For more information on our annual conference, click here.

  • Increasing our communications list from under 100 members in 2009 to over 1,200 in 2018

  • Executive Director Kelly Cleland addressed the President’s Council on Science and Technology regarding the breach of scientific integrity in the 2011 decision to maintain restrictions on EC. Watch the proceedings here.

  • Generating expert-reviewed, evidence-based fact sheets about emergency contraception about EC

About ASEC:

  • ASEC is fiscally sponsored by Cambridge Reproductive Health Consultants 

  • Our work is guided by a Steering Committee of reproductive health experts; read more here.