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Emergency Contraception for Every Campus

 In 2019, ASEC launched the Emergency Contraception for Every Campus (EC4EC) project to organize and build power among bold student activists interested in advocating for expanded access to EC on college campuses. We have connected with students and staff on 173 campuses in 41 states, and are aware of at least 50 campuses that offer EC in vending machines.

EC4EC provides student activists with crucial resources, mentoring, and community to advance three signature strategies on campus:

  • Advocacy to improve availability of EC through existing campus health services

  • Advocacy to institute a vending machine on campus that includes low-cost EC and other sexual health products

  • Peer-to-peer EC distribution programs

This one-of-a-kind campus organizing project builds a diverse pipeline of young activists through participation in grassroots, student-led campus projects. EC4EC focuses on the most high-need student populations, with a particular interest in Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) and Catholic universities, campuses in states that have banned or severely limited access to abortion, and campuses with graduation rates lower than the national average. We center the leadership of young people in the fight for contraceptive access, engage them at every level of programming, and contribute to their development as lifelong advocates for reproductive health, rights, and justice. 

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