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Each year at our annual meeting (the EC Jamboree), ASEC awards outstanding individuals and organizations whose work has contributed substantially to our knowledge of and access to emergency contraception, through research, policy advocacy, and innovative service delivery models.

In 2006, ASEC established the Ellertson Award for Innovation in EC to an individual or organization who has demonstrated bold and innovative thinking and action in the realm of emergency contraception. This award was established in memory of ASEC’s founder, Charlotte Ellertson.

Ellertson Award Honorees:

  • 2023: Jakeya Johnson (Bowie State University) and Sarah Elliott (University of Utah)

  • 2019: Emma Donnelly (University of Southern Maine) and Maine Representative Maureen Terry

  • 2018: Reproductive Justice Action Collective (ReJAC), New Orleans

  • 2017: Parteek Singh (University of California, Davis) and Alison Edelman (Oregon Health Sciences University)

  • 2016: Robyn Elliott (Public Policy Partners)

  • 2015: (No award given)

  • 2014: ACT for Women and Girls

  • 2013: National Women’s Liberation

  • 2012: British Pregnancy Advisory Service and The Venezuela Ministry of Health

  • 2011: Diana Blithe (National Institutes of Health), Vivian Brache (Profamilia, Dominican Republic) and Erin Gainer (HRA Pharma)

  • 2010: PROMSEX (Peru) and Lon Newman (Family Planning Health Services, Wisconsin)

  • 2009: (No award given)

  • 2008: New Morning Foundation

  • 2007: National Network of Abortion Funds

  • 2006: Simon Heller & Nan Strauss (Center for Reproductive Rights)

The Felicia Stewart Award for Lifetime Achievement in EC was established in 2010, in memory of lifelong reproductive health researcher and advocate, Felicia Stewart. The Stewart Award is given to an individual whose career-long commitment to EC has made a lasting impact.

Stewart Award Honorees:

  • 2023: Kirsten Moore (former president of Reproductive Health Technologies Project)

  • 2018: Elizabeth Westley (former ICEC coordinator)

  • 2017: Anna Glasier (University of Edinburgh)

  • 2016: Jeff Spieler (USAID, retired)

  • 2014: Don Downing (University of Washington School of Pharmacy)

  • 2013: Sharon Camp (Guttmacher Institute)

  • 2012: James Trussell (Princeton University)

  • 2011: Horacio Croxatto (ICMER)

  • 2010: Francine Coeytaux (the Compton Initiative)


2023 Ellertson Award for innovation in EC winner Jakeya Johnson (right) with award presenter Robyn Elliott.

2023 Ellertson Award for Innovation in EC winner Sarah Elliott (right) with award presenter David Turok.


2023 Felicia Stewart Lifetime Achievement award winner Kirsten Moore with ASEC Executive Director Kelly Cleland

In 2016, ASEC and ICEC gave a special EC Champion Award to Daniel Davis, MD, a long-time champion of emergency contraception and reproductive health, who recently retired after many years at the FDA.

2016 EC Champion Award recipient Daniel Davis (right) with 2016 Stewart Award recipient Jeff Spieler (left) and 2016 Ellertson Award recipient Robyn Elliott (center).

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